Errors In-Queen (2014)

  • Queen (2014)
    In the last scene of the movie Raani enters the cooking contest is looking for the spice called heen
  • Queen (2014)
    In queen movie When Rani (Kangna) is leaving India, her mehendi is faded. How could it gets darker w
  • Queen (2014)
    This is the scene when Rani (Kangna) shifted with boys & did not tell at home where she is living (a
aishwarya ko goli lagne ke baad jeep gayab, dhayan se dekho.........
In 3 Idiots, when Boman (virus) is explaining Madhavan and Sharman about their p....
Akshy kumar ji aeroplan ke piche skates pahan kar bagate hain or skates pahan ka....