Terms and conditions of membership

Important: Your initial password is the subscription number you receive in a confirmation e-mail. Once you are logged in, you can change it via the members' homepage, linked at the top of the site. You should receive the e-mail very soon after subscribing - if you do not, then your details should still have been entered into the database, so by entering your e-mail address in the "lost password" box on the login page, your subscription number will be sent to you. If this does not work for any reason, you MUST then contact Bollywooderrors.com as soon as possible for your login details, as your membership will be active immediately. Whether you change your password to something different or not, it is VITAL that you keep a record of your subscriber number.

Members are expected to regularly check the members' homepage (linked at the top left of the site when logged in) for important announcements.

Membership of bollywooderrors.com guarantees that your contributions will be seen before those made by non-members, that all adverts will be removed from the site once you are logged in, that your chosen username will be shown after entries you have added or corrected, and that you will have access to them. No other guarantees are given to members. bollywooderrors.com reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. A link to these terms will always be available from the members' homepage, with a clear notice as to when they were last updated. If a member has concerns regarding any change in terms they are welcome to contact bollywooderrors.com for an explanation of how they may be affected.

Being a member is not an absolute guarantee that everything you submit will be posted. However, members' submissions will all be read, and only dismissed if there is a good reason. If a member's entry is not posted, they can see its status on the member homepage, and are welcome to add a comment within two weeks to clarify it. After this time members are welcome to resubmit their contribution. Discussions will only be entered into within two weeks of the submission. If a member's existing entry is corrected by another visitor, it will be moved to the misconception section, as with any other entry. Members' corrections are not subject to the same criteria as submissions, and may be discarded without a given reason. bollywooderrors.com's decision is final.

As part of the signup process, minimal personal information will be recorded in the bollywooderrors.com database. This will be used solely for site-related purposes (ie. contacting you in reference to submissions you make, or if members need to be informed of anything affecting them), and will never be passed on to any third party. As with membership, no personal information submitted will be shared with any third party.

Entries must be submitted using the official contribution form. E-mailed contributions will not be accepted. If you have any problems submitting, please contact me.

As the site is only run by one person, submissions may on rare occasions be delayed due to absence. If this is the case it will be clearly stated on the members' homepage, together with relevant dates, and the submissions process may be disabled for that time. Any pending submissions will most likely be dealt with before any absence, but if not they will still be held on record.

Submissions must be made in English. People from any country are welcome to become members, but if you normally access the site through a translation system you must be aware that the members' benefits will not function correctly, as translation websites are not compatible with the code used to remove adverts and prioritize members' submissions.